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The Ritual by DuckyMantic
The Ritual
~ Self Portrait~
You could have seen this sooner if you had me on Facebook! ->

The following is a little thing I wrote to go with the photo. You don't have to read it if you don't want to. 
It's just a bit of fun and I'm not looking to improve my writing, so criticism is -not- welcome. 


The traveler had set up camp for the evening, all too aware of the sun setting and the dangers that lurked in the nightfall. He was a young lad, predictably on the road for the first time. His mother was sick; They had heard of a medicine a doctor made across the land, the only known cure for such an illness.

He was struggling with his fire when he heard twigs snap and leaves shuffle. Instantly he was on his feet, spinning around to face the moving greenery.
"Who's there?! I'm armed, if you don't show yourself this instant I won't hesitate to kill!" His vocal chords wobbled. It didn't take a genius to sense the false bluff.

However, hardly a moment later a young woman stumbled out. She collapsed into a heap of skin and bone, coughing and wheezing away. The poor thing was clearly malnourished, possibly ill. Dropping his guard the man rushed toward her, pulling out a container to offer it to the young maiden.
"Here, it's water. Drink it, you'll feel better." His tone softened considerably, helping her to tip the liquid beyond her chapped lips. Some spilled, she either didn't notice or didn't care.
"What's your name?"

The weak female croaked in response, soon bursting into another coughing fit. This time blood streaked the dirt. He visibly panicked, scurrying back to his bag to find something - anything - to help. Rags, alcohol, needles, threads, even hopeful potions. All sorts to fix a gaping wound, but nothing to help internal damage.

His attention was dragged back to her as he caught sight of her pale frame moving. He was about to tell her not to move too much when her chocolate frizz fell away, allowing their eyes to lock. They were gorgeous caramel balls, floating in dark, dark voids. A cold rush sank down his spine. As sheets of material fell from her form, her expression remained passive. Everything felt so... Wrong.

Power illuminated the darkened clearing, whispers infecting the air around him. Heart pounding, thoughts racing, the son hauled his bag to his shoulder, spinning on his heel to make a dash for it. The night was a dangerous time to be on the move, yet it still seemed far more inviting than the scene unfolding here.

The travelling boy felt a sudden, sharp pain in his chest. Liquid gurgled up his throat. Choking. Blood. Oh, it gushed. Into his palms, dripping over the wild grass. He fell to the ground, coughing and yowling. Somehow her voice, which crackled like the fire between them, rose above the noise.
"Your heart bleeds now as mine does eternally. I'll drown you in your blood as I wished I'd drowned in mine."

The world swayed. His bloodied grip on tufts of green loosened. Life slipped between his fingers as the last grain of sand fell.
His time was up.

The unknown woman soon spotted another light amongst the trees, smoke ribboning into the night's sky. Another camper, a short walk away. Dirty, bare feet stepped over the bleeding corpse as she set out towards the next victim. Upon reaching the site, she adjusted herself behind a large tree, tussling her hair up and adjusting the fabrics draped across her shoulders. A well rehersed twig snap bit into the otherwise quiet atmosphere.

"Wha...? Who's there?! I won't hesitate to shoot ya! Scram!"
She flung herself out from the bushes, coughing and spluttering away. The man was clearly drunk, - a violent one at that - but even so, his threat fell empty upon the sight of the defenseless young maiden.
"Oh gawd, here, lemme help ya up."

She took his hand with a firm grip, neck grinding to tilt her head upward. He yelped at the sight of her eyes. So dark, pure evil...
A cold rush sank down his spine.
Everything felt so... Wrong.
Stranger and Stranger by DuckyMantic
Stranger and Stranger
Stay Updated with my Facebook! ->…
The following was written by me to go with the photo. - Criticism isn't welcome, it's just a bit of fun to pass the time and it isn't something I'm seeking to improve on. :)

"The dark night sky shattered into yellow sparks. The bright lights disturbed Dan, but what caused him to leap from his mattress was the explosion bursting in the air a moment later. The young man galloped to his window, gawping at the scene unfolding in front of him.

Something had crashed into the lake. He didn't know if the aircraft was a plane or a helicopter, either way he found his fingers fumbling over the bedside table until they grasped his phone. He dialed 911 as he yanked on clothes, demanding an ambulance that instant. It was a mere minute until his legs had sprinted their way across the field, landing him at the edge of the lake to inspect the scene. He lived far into the country, it would be a while before help arrived.

There was a small fire off to the left, along with some wreckage. - If there had been anyone in there, they sure as hell wouldn't be living now. His sights slid toward the right, soaking in the aftermath of the crash. A trail of technology chunks lead into the water. This busted up contraption was like nothing he'd ever seen before and, whilst he knew he wasn't exactly well versed in these things, Dan knew that there was no way this was an ordinary piece of machinery.

There. On a metal lump - Maybe a wing? - a girl was sprawled, unconscious. He began to wade out to her.


"Okay, just put this on for now until the doctors arrive. I'll fetch you a towel." He handed the shivering, nude woman his sopping wet shirt. Definitely not the best choice, but Dan wasn't known for his common sense in these situations. He paused, glancing back. He didn't like the puppy-dog look she gave him. Maybe she was in shock... Understandable, all things considered.

The stranger standing in his livingroom was an interesting sight. She had pink and blue hair, split down the middle. She had peculiar, pointed metal tips to her fingers, he wasn't sure if they were equipment of some sort, for decoration, or maybe even for health reasons. There were also white markings across her face, her eyes sparkling with an uncommon colour. He reasoned that she must be an albino... Could they even dye their hair? Upon his return, the concerned male handed her the towel. She wrapped herself up in it although it made little difference.

Ribbons of light flashed in through the curtains. The ambulance was here."

MS Paint adventures!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 10:13 AM
Hey guys. I recently started showing my friends some semi-realism drawings I did of people in MS paint. I was reluctant and nervous at first because I was feeling very self conscious about my art skills, but over time I've started to feel more and more comfortable with showing people the things I've done.

My point is that I'm going to start posting my MS paint drawings on this dA account. I considered making a separate account for it, but I figured that it made a lot more sense to just post it on here. DON'T WORRY! I'll still be posting the photos I take as usual, you'll still get to see just as much of that as before.

I just wanted to give you a heads up before I posted what I've done so far, just so that nobody gets confused when they see that I'm doing drawings now and so that nobody things I've abandoned the self portraits. :)

Who knows, maybe at some point in the future I'll start doing commissions for my drawings! Exciting stuff.

Please let me know what you think about this. I don't want to do this if a large portion of you protest. I'm perfectly okay with making another account for these drawings, I just figured my lovely watchers would be happy to see some of the other things I do with my spare time, too. :)


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I'm a cat trapped in a human form, I figured I would make the best of it whilst I can.

I'm not actively pursuing a career in modelling due to events in my personal life, however I don't know what the future holds so I may one day come back to it. :) Until then I'll continue it as a hobby.

I don't take photo requests unless you're providing me a product to showcase. If you would like me to take pictures with a product of yours, please get in touch.


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